• Rashmi Nair

It's a different time...

I haven't been into blogging since many years now - tried to revive it also but the moment it comes to expressing my thoughts - somethings always held me back. 

I realise where I went wrong - simply writing my thoughts out helps me - to live better, dream better, work better and love better. 

But thanks to lockdown and thanks to sitting at home in a daze for so many days - I did start having conversations with myself again. I do think I was taking life too hard instead of living it. All my life with the experiences I saw, shared and went through - Life is never supposed to be easy for anyone. Yet, heart wonders at times - is it worth living this way then? is it worth hustling constantly all the time?

Do you ever get the feeling of losing yourself - in middle of all the troubles be it at work or at life? And With the amount of information we consume on a daily basis - we at times do lose our own selves. So much is happening in so little time. There are always endless things to do. Anxiousness at times envelopes your whole being. 

Yes, there are several bad to worse consequences of this lockdown. 

But the best part, for a change - you can breathe easy and think. Breathe a little better. Live a little better. You can spend more time with your family and actually invest in your health and mental well being.

#Calm #Peace #Breathe #SlowDown #ReleaseTheTension

These are the images I clicked from my Terrace during the lockdown. I am a big fan of Sunsets and Moonrise - might have captured from many locations around the world. Somehow it fascinates me how the sun goes down bringing darkness into the night - washing away everything with it and leading to a new day with the sunrise. While the moonlight gives hope all night for the new day. Life doesn't wait for anyone nor does Nature. 

Have you ever noticed its way easier to talk your heart out under moonlight instead of daylight? I swear it's MAGIC. :)

The above images are of SUPERMOON 2020.

#SuperMoon #Sunsets #MoonRise #MoonLight


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